Why Most Businesses Fail Before they Start

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Why do so many small businesses fail?

Most experts point to a lack of capital, failure to identify a target market or poor management. If you ask me, most small businesses fail because of something less visible but just as harmful: unfounded fear.


Home News Tribune features Intersect Fund

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We always knew our clients were front-page material; today, the Home News Tribune showed they agree. Check out this great story by Bob Makin in today’s paper.


Baker Caters to Selective Tastes

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Michelle McFadden-DiNicolaPhotos by Brendan McInerney

Bakers often chafe at the challenges their customers’ dietary restrictions present.

But Entrepreneur University graduate Michelle McFadden-DiNicola decided to embrace these restrictions and come up with delicious and creative treats geared toward a thankful niche market.

Before McFadden-DiNicola’s children were old enough for school, the Highland Park resident hosted with a friend daytime classes for mothers and their toddler-aged children.

Preparing daily snacks, among other tasks, was up to McFadden-DiNicola. Offerings like hen- and rooster-shaped biscuits pleased her customers for a while, but when vegan families began enrolling, she had to tinker with her recipe. Soon, she hit another roadblock: “It seems like everyone is allergic to gluten nowadays,” she said.

Dealing with dietary restrictions like these would push many hosts to scour the shelves of upscale grocery stores for inoffensive, hypoallergenic treats. But McFadden-DiNicola relished the challenge of crafting her own recipes free of the allergens and animal products her guests sought to avoid.


How to Buy Local

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Photo: [Flickr/1yen]

Photo: Flickr/1yen

“I don’t know where to find them.”
“I don’t know of any who have the products I want.”
“I’m unsure of the quality they can provide.”

These are a few of the excuses that pop into the minds of those who want to support local businesses but fail to do so as often as they’d like. Given that you’re an enlightened reader of the Intersect Fund’s blog, I’ll bet you fall into this category.

If so, you’re not alone. Nor are you entirely at fault. Many local merchants lack the storefronts or websites that would help them emerge from obscurity. And the competition they face – big-box stores, shopping malls and large online retailers – is formidable.


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