From Pocket-Change Investment, a Thriving Laundry Business

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Would-be entrepreneurs love coming up with excuses to postpone starting the businesses of their dreams. Money – or a lack thereof – is usually the culprit: they fear that unless they can secure a big bank loan or generous investment, the success they seek will never materialize.

Dreamers like these should talk to Intersect Fund clients Mike Ivers and Casey Ruff. The two founded BTM laundry – a New Brunswick-based company that picks up customers’ dirty laundry, has it washed or dry-cleaned, and returns it the next day – on a shoestring budget in 2007. After expanding BTM’s customer base to include thousands of students and families in the region, Ivers and Ruff bought a Laundromat – in cash – last August.


Store Banks on Style, Service

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If your career hits the doldrums, you have two options: resign yourself to gloomy drudgery, or change something.

Earlier this year, Lavon Jackson changed something: He founded with his wife, Carol, a clothing boutique called Style & Swag.


Where Banks Fear to Tread

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A local bulletin board displays ads for apartment rentals. Photo by Brendan McInerney.

Pop quiz: You own a cleaning service and need a set of new vacuum cleaners. What do you do?

Maybe you draw down your savings account. Maybe you ask your local bank for a loan. Maybe you put the suckers on plastic.

All good answers, but let’s make it a little tougher: your low income allows for little savings, you have no credit score, and the only plastic in your wallet is your EBT card.