Good Markets

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Some markets earn you big bucks; others disappoint. Below is a list of New Jersey markets at which some of the Intersect Fund’s most seasoned vendors have found success. If you have one you’d like to add to the list, e-mail Joe Shure to let him know.


What a Business Needs

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Entrepreneurs who lack the right tools struggle to find success. Photo: Flickr/L. Marie

The Intersect Fund’s Action Steps coaching program is designed to equip your business with everything it needs. Complete this registration form and we’ll be in touch to tell you more!

Entrepreneurs are known for working hard and dreaming big.

Too many, though, focus solely on delivering their product or service while ignoring basic, nuts-and-bolts aspects of managing their firms. Their tunnel vision places their businesses at risk of liability, financial mismanagement, and incurring high fees.

To determine which components are necessary for a business to thrive, I’ve drawn from the experience of the scores of entrepreneurs with whom the Intersect Fund has been lucky enough to work.

Here are the five prerequisites of business success:

Selling your Credibility

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What do you talk about when you talk about your business?

For many entrepreneurs, the answer is the product or service they sell. If they paint houses, they mention how much they charge for a paint job, they talk about the nice materials they use, and they promise to complete the job in a timely manner.

These are all good things to mention, but they fail to sufficiently differentiate a painter from his or her peers. It’s not so hard to find someone who can paint houses for a competitive rate, who uses quality materials and can complete the job promptly.

Wouldn’t you buy from him? Photo: Flickr/Ted Lipien