Personal Contact Key to Business Success

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Political scientists have found door-to-door canvassing is the most effective method of getting citizens to vote. Small-business owners who rely on advertising or social media ought to keep this in mind.

As this year’s election draws near, the blaring emissions of campaign message machines becoming louder by the day. Given that we have to endure the noise, we may as well try to learn something from it.

It turns out small-business owners can learn a lot from recent developments in political campaigning. They ought to pay especially close attention — as myriad political consultants and social scientists do — to research that evaluates the most effective methods of herding citizens in to voting booths on Election Day.


A World of Your Own

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Some entrepreneurs seek to change the world. Others seek to take it over.

What too few realize is that starting a business offers a unique opportunity to create a world of one’s own: a world governed by the owner’s personality, aspirations, and fondness for her customers.


Longtime Businessman Inspires New Leaders

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Many Americans’ entrepreneurial pursuits grow from long-held fantasies. But it was necessity — not pipe dreams — that prompted Kenyan emigrant Njeru Nthigah to chart a multinational course of far-flung business endeavors.

Now, the New Brunswick resident serves fellow business leaders by delivering trainings, seminars and coaching sessions. The precepts of John Maxwell, a renowned pastor who speaks and writes on the subject of leadership, form the foundation of Nthigah’s work.


Wells Fargo grants Fund $5,000

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Thanks to Wells Fargo for this generous grant! It will enhance our ability to serve entrepreneurs throughout the region.

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