In Praise of Dull Businesses

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Does your industry excite you? Does working within it elicit envy in others or prompt endless questions from fellow dinner party guests?

No? Good.

Some of the aspiring entrepreneurs with whom I work — especially younger ones — sometimes feel anxious about entering an industry that is dull or fails to confer what they see as a sufficient level of status (i.e., should I really be selling hair products online when my dream is to be a novelist?)

Odd as it may seem, boring businesses are often the best ones to start.


Landmark Store Adapts to Survive

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Last summer, the radio station WNYC broadcast a story about a murder, and — contradicting widely held journalistic standards — identified the perpetrator before a trial had taken place.


The Benefits of Giving It Away

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This is an installment of a periodic series in which I respond to readers’ business questions.

“What value do you place on offering something free to your customers?” — Gregory Ginn, Millburn, N.J.