For Entrepreneur, Long-Brewing Dream Becomes Reality

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An employee at OQ Coffee, the Highland Park cafe Intersect Fund client Ben Schellack opened last week, prepares a cup of coffee.

Lots of people dream of starting a local coffee shop, but those who have the focus, tenacity and patience to actually go through with it form a select group.

It’s one that Intersect Fund client Ben Schellack joined last week when he opened OQ Coffee at 300 Raritan Avenue in Highland Park.

Chamber Honors Loan Officer

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An article from a December 2012 issue of newspaper Quisqueya Internacional

We have always suspected our senior loan officer — Luis De La Hoz — is passionate about helping small businesses. So it’s nice to see someone else confirm our hunch.

During its annual convention at Rutgers University last week, the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey named De La Hoz “Small Business Advocate of the Year.” De La Hoz accepted the honor during a luncheon attended by Newark Mayor Cory Booker, SHCC chairman Carlos Medina, and members of the chamber’s board.

De La Hoz’s commitment to serving small-business owners has helped the Intersect Fund further its mission and has helped our clients pursue their dreams. We would like to congratulate him on achieving his most recent honor.

Make your Daydreams work for you

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“Snap out of it!”

These words — whether uttered by a spouse, a boss, or a critical inner voice — have stirred many an entrepreneur out of an inspirational reverie.

Many people, accustomed to the hectic pace of work and life, look down on daydreaming, brainstorming and reveries as wastes of time. To some extent, these people have a point: dreaming that yields no action can be counterproductive, and listening to the escapist fantasies of people who dream but never execute is exhausting.

But if done the right way, taking time to think — daydreaming, if you will — can yield valuable benefits. Bill Gates is known to take “think weeks,” during which he isolates himself in a remote locations, eschewing electronic devices for books and notepads. The Greek mathematician Archimedes is fabled to have solved a tough problem form King Heron II only after a dip in the tub steered his thoughts toward buoyancy (Google it).

So, how does one reap the benefits of letting his mind wander while remaining grounded enough to act on the inspirations that come his way?

I’m no Bill Gates, but I have come across a couple of good methods:


The Holiday Bazaar

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We hope you’ll join us Tuesday — No need to RSVP. If you have any questions, call Nancy Finn at (732) 917-0815 or e-mail her here.

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