Chamber Honors Loan Officer

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An article from a December 2012 issue of newspaper Quisqueya Internacional

We have always suspected our senior loan officer — Luis De La Hoz — is passionate about helping small businesses. So it’s nice to see someone else confirm our hunch.

During its annual convention at Rutgers University last week, the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey named De La Hoz “Small Business Advocate of the Year.” De La Hoz accepted the honor during a luncheon attended by Newark Mayor Cory Booker, SHCC chairman Carlos Medina, and members of the chamber’s board.

De La Hoz’s commitment to serving small-business owners has helped the Intersect Fund further its mission and has helped our clients pursue their dreams. We would like to congratulate him on achieving his most recent honor.

Superstorm Sandy Update

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Photo: Jason Towlen/Home News Tribune

Intersect Fund clients:

We hope the mess superstorm Sandy left you with is at least somewhat manageable.

We’re working with limited capacity this week at the Intersect Fund, where our office is without Internet or phone service. That said, many of our staff are able to work from home and respond to your calls and messages.

So if you have any questions — relating to loan payments, business-development appointments, or anything else — feel free to get in touch. Your best bet is to call Joe at (609) 558-7956; he’ll help you out or connect you to someone who can.

Also, be sure to check out this list of resources for small-businesses affected by Sandy (source: The Washington Post).

Stay safe and call us if you need us.

Intersect Fund’s Luis De La Hoz Featured on J&J’s Health Channel

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Intersect Fund Spanish Program Coordinator Luis De La Hoz speaks with an interviewer from Johnson & Johnson’s Health Channel about social media marketing. The interview took place at Chicago’s LATISM (Latinos in Social Media) conference last week.

To read some of De La Hoz’s insight on immigrant entrepreneurship (in English), click here.

Business without Borders

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Finished your business plan? Talk to Sharifa Dunn, the Intersect Fund's Graduate Services director.

Sharifa Dunn helps our business course graduates apply for microloans.

So, you’ve finished the Intersect Fund’s Build Your Business course and written your business plan. Now what?

You talk to Sharifa Dunn.

Dunn, our Graduate Services director, will show you the next steps toward starting and growing your business. She will help you apply for a microloan, sign up for coaching sessions, and connect you with our graphic designers.

Dunn’s passion for helping entrepreneurs comes from an acquaintance she made half a world away.

In the winter of 2008, she studied at South Africa’s University of Kwazulu-Natal. The campus sits in the small city of Pietermaritzburg, which Dunn says resembles New Brunswick: it’s a mid-sized city filled with people from varied ethnic and social backgrounds.

But Kwazulu-Natal students, like their Rutgers counterparts, rarely venture far off campus.

One day, Sharifa decided to buck this trend and did some exploring. Off the edge of campus, she met a craftsman and his family. Working from a blanket on the sidewalk, they used thin wire and colorful beads to make small key chains shaped as animals and letters.

The man, his wife and their infant son spent long hours out on the blanket. Dunn noticed they were often out from sunrise until sunset, braving cold rain and sweltering heat.

Their dedication — almost certainly borne of necessity — inspired Dunn. The craftsman honed his skill, made something people wanted, and doggedly pursued success.

She noticed a degree of resourcefulness there that she also recognizes in clients here in New Jersey. It’s entrepreneurs like these — with enthusiasm and the talent to back it up — whom Dunn wants to help.

This summer, Dunn will finish her yearlong stint with the Intersect Fund. She will graduate Rutgers with a degree in Finance and then begin a job with the JP Morgan Chase Co.’s transactional banking division in New York.

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