In Asbury Park, An Entrepreneurial Approach to Job Creation

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During the halcyon days of the dot-com boom, Roger Boyce shuttled between his Monmouth County home and Silicon Valley, where he worked for and founded high tech start-ups.

It was a rough commute even by New Jersey standards, but the entrepreneur kept it up for almost fifteen years before retiring from the industry in 2009.

That Boyce found himself restless after abandoning this frenetic pace should come as no surprise. Soon after returning to New Jersey, he began putting his business acumen to use in Asbury Park as an informal mentor.

Referring to the local bicycle shop with which he started, Boyce said, “I was helping them with general business coaching on a volunteer basis, then I picked up another client and another, then I had a half a dozen people I was mentoring.”


Coaches offer Helping Hands

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It’s common to picture entrepreneurs as lone visionaries, tinkering in obscurity until their ideas take the market by storm.

But Lorraine Allen, regional director of the Small Business Development Center at the College of New Jersey, said she urges entrepreneurs to take the opposite approach.

Of the businesses she works with, she said, “We encourage them not to be lone rangers…we try and educate our businesses on how to maximize resources, to create deeper advisory boards.”

The Center Allen leads is one of several groups throughout Central New Jersey – some public and some private – that offer services to small-business owners seeking to increase sales, streamline their operations or just refine an idea.


Wells Fargo grants Fund $5,000

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Thanks to Wells Fargo for this generous grant! It will enhance our ability to serve entrepreneurs throughout the region.

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Watch Rohan Mathew on CNN’s American Morning

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Intersect Fund Executive Director Rohan Mathew appeared with colleagues today on CNN’s American Morning to talk about campus-based microfinance.

The conversation, which included Mathew’s counterparts in Providence, R.I. and New Haven, Conn., focused on the efforts of the Campus Microfinance Alliance, a group Mathew co-founded to help college students develop their local economies.

Watch the video here and check out Lend for America, a new initiative to give college students hands-on experience with local microfinance this summer.

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