The Intersect Fund offers a wide range of services to our clients.  In order to effectively serve them, the specific positions and responsibilities for our staff are outlined below:

Program Director, Graduate Services
(Approx. 10 hrs per week)

The Graduate Services Program Director is responsible for our post-graduation services. The job will involve finding expert speakers and occasionally teaching advanced business topics to entrepreneurs.

Program Director, Build Your Business
(Approx. 10 hrs per week)

The Build Your Business Program Director is responsible for coordinating our primary service - the BYOB course. The job will involve securing locations to hold the class and finding clients to take it.

Public Relations Director
(Approx.10 hrs per week)

The Public Relations Director is responsible for promoting The Intersect Fund on the Rutgers-New Brunswick campus to students and professors. The job will also include implementing strategies to achieve marketing goals.

Tax Prep, Program Director
(Approx. 10 hrs per week)

The Tax Prep Program Director is responsible for launching our Tax Prep for the entrepreneurs program.  The job will involve finding student volunteers, securing a site, and marketing the service to entrepreneurs.

Creative Director
(Approx. 15 hrs per week)

The Creative Director will design Intersect Fund materials and materials for our clients as well as assist in updating out website.

Tax Preparer
(Approx. 5 hrs per week during tax season)

The Tax Preparer is a temporary position and involves doing Schedule C tax preparation.