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Rohan Mathew
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President and CEO

Alejandra Giron
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Senior Loan Officer

Karina Ojeda
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Senior Loan Officer

Emmanuel Diaz
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Loan Officer

Kuran Malhotra
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Loan Analyst

Jerry John Jacob
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VP, Engineering

Ernest Sankeshwar
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Senior Software Engineer

Jayakrishnan Krishnan
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Software Engineer

Vignesh Kudva P
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Software Engineer

Aravind Murali
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Software Engineer

Erin Bowling
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Leah Anderson
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2012 Entrepreneur Directory

Click here for up-to-date stories of the entrepreneurs we have served.

2011 Entrepreneur Directory

2010 Entrepreneur Directory

Teach a Center Lesson - The Intersect Fund

At biweekly Center meetings clients repay outstanding loans, network with other entrepreneurs, and participate in expert seminars. We invite individuals from diverse fields to conduct a Center lesson lasting an hour and a half about some topic related to running a small business. Speakers get to work closely with our clients and share valuable knowledge that entrepreneurs can immediately apply to their own businesses.

Some sample topics include:

Please contact us if you have experience in the fields of finance, insurance, or accounting, or think that you have something helpful to teach at a Center meeting. We look forward to working with you as we strive to empower entrepreneurs.

Staff Openings - The Intersect Fund
Intersect in Pictures - The Intersect Fund

A session from the Intersect Fund’s first training cycle, held at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church

The Intersect Fund’s table at Rutgers Day on April 25, 2009

Joe Shure, Rutgers President Richard L. McCormick, and Rohan Mathew at Rutgers Day

Zakiyia Forbes sells merchandise at the first annual Entrepreneur Showcase

Intersect Fund clients at the Entrepreneur Showcase

The Intersect Fund staff at the Entrepreneur Showcase

Guests browse client tables at the Entrepreneur Showcase

Rohan and Joe with Entrepreneur of the Year Pearl Thompson and Zakiyia Forbes, winner of the Social Impact Award

Board of Directors - The Intersect Fund

Board Chair

David Finegold is the Dean of the School of Management and Labor Relations at Rutgers University. Prior to joining Rutgers, Dr. Finegold was a professor at the Keck Graduate Institute in Claremont, Calif. and at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. He is the author of more than 90 articles, book chapters and policy reports, and has written or edited six books. He consults and provides executive education and coaching to public and private sector organizations on issues such as talent management and employee development, and corporate governance. Dr. Finegold graduated summa coum laude from Harvard University and studied as a Rhodes scholar at Oxford University.


Christina Corea is the Vice President of National Initiatives at Citi Community Development, where she manages national nonprofit program development and thought leadership within economic development. She also oversees the creation of white papers covering financial services field advancements and new approaches to local wealth creation and related demonstration projects in low and moderate-income communities accross the U.S. Formerly, she spent 4 years at Brick City Development Corporation in Newark, N.J. where she held a number of roles, most recently Vice President of Strategy, Administration and Policy.

Daniel Delehanty is the Senior Vice President of Community Development Banking at Capital One Bank, where he has worked since 2006. At Capital One, he provides strategic direction for Capital One’s community development efforts relating to economic and small business development and directs CRA-related philanthropy for economic development. He also develops and manages external relationships with small business and economic development organizations across the bank footprint. Previously, Delehanty was the Director of the Community Affairs Unit at the New York State Banking Department.

Alan Dolnick is a Vice President and Commercial Loan Fund Officer at Magyar Bank. During his time at the bank, he has earned titles such as IRA Specialist, Security Officer and Branch Administrator. Dolnick served as the Retail Branch Manager for the Magyar Bank’s Kendall Park Branch Office. The branch’s deposits doubled during his tenure. Dolnick serves on the board of South Brunswick Citizens for Independent Living and for the past 15 years has served as a trustee of the South Brunswick Family YMCA. Dolnick graduated from Rutgers University.

Tony Gibbons is a Founding Partner at Crawford Street Partners, a private real estate development company. Crawford Street Partners is a mission-driven, for-profit company that focuses on investing in distressed neighborhoods. In working with local governments and civic leaders, Crawford Street Partners repurposes abandoned buildings and creates new safe places to live and work. Previous, Tony worked in Business Development at Salute Capital Management, a Global Emerging Markets Hedge Fund and was Managing Director at Moore Capital Management, where he was responsible for the Moore Fixed Income Fund.

Carlos Medina. Esq. is the President of Robinson Aerial Surveys and the current Chairman of the Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. At Robinson Aerial Surveys, Medina oversees company operations to ensure production efficiency, quality, service, and cost-effective management of resources. He oversees technical staff responsible for design, construction administration, and inspection services for all company projects including schools, housing, municipal buildings, and transportation, state and federal government facilities. Previously, Medina was a Senior Project Manager at Medina Consultants and a Board Member of the NJ Economic Development Authority.

Lyneir Richardson is the Executive Director of The Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CUEED), a research and practitioner-oriented center at Rutgers Business School in Newark, NJ. He oversees the implementation of CUEED programs and manages partnerships, staff, affiliated faculty and fellows.  Lyneir also teaches an MBA course in Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development and serves as faculty advisor to students consulting with small business owners on strategic projects. Lyneir is the former Chief Executive Officer of Brick City Development Corporation, where he had overall responsibility for real estate development, small business services and business attraction in Newark, NJ.

News and Media - The Intersect Fund

Stories About the Intersect Fund

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If you are interested in covering the Intersect Fund, contact Rohan Mathew at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). We would be glad to send you a press kit and put you in contact with our clients, donors, and partners.

Our Story - The Intersect Fund

Photo by Nick Romanenko

The Intersect Fund was established in 2009 when Co-Founders Rohan Mathew and Joe Shure were students at Rutger’s University in New Brunswick, N.J. The two noticed that while new hotels, restaurants and high-rise apartments dotted the skyline of their college town, there were also a lot of low-income residents struggling to make ends meet. These were often the busboys and dishwashers in the upscale businesses downtown, but they had little to show for the econoimc revitalization they helped bring about. They were immigrants working in factories through temp agencies, longtime residents left unemployed by recession, and a host of others who have the drive but lack the luck to succeed.

In thinking about how university students could help these people, Mathew and Shure found that many of them run small businesses on the side as a way to generate extra income. It became clear that although many of these low-income entrepreneurs have quality business ideas and a lot of motivation, they often lack the business knowledge and seed capital they need to get the most out of their enterprises. Driven by this desire to bring the campus to the community, the Intersect Fund, a college-student run nonprofit providing financial services, was created.

From its humble beginnings of being conceived in a dorm room, the Intersect Fund has grown to become the largest and fastest growing micro-lender in the state of New Jersey, providing more than $1.85 million in funding to low-income entrepreneurs across a 10-county region of New Jersey.

Student Opportunities - The Intersect Fund

Creating opportunities for students

The key to the Intersect Fund’s mission is working at the crossroads of campus and community: we provide valuable business services to low-income entrepreneurs through a dedicated staff of student volunteers. Helping our clients succeed in business is our primary goal, but we have noticed a welcome side effect: Students find their work with the Intersect Fund to be enriching and valuable. They say it broadens their horizons and builds on their skills in a way that they expect will yield a valuable return down the road.

In June, we conducted a survey of our staff, and the results were encouraging:


Donors - The Intersect Fund


The Intersect Fund depends on support from a variety of corporate, foundation and government partners. Below are some of the institutions that help us fulfill our mission:

Client Testimonials - The Intersect Fund

What our current clients have to say

On the last day of our Build Your Business course, we have clients complete a survey to tell us what they thought of the program. To ensure unbiased responses, we tell them to leave their surveys anonymous. Here is what some clients had to say about the course:

In May, we held our 1st Annual Entrepreneur Showcase at New Brunswick’s Heldrich Hotel. At the event, clients mingled with some of the Intersect Fund’s friends and partners. We asked some of our clients to give speeches telling us about the Intersect Fund has made a difference in their businesses and their lives.


Our Strategic Vision - The Intersect Fund

Over the past two years, the Intersect Fund has grown from an idea into fully functioning microenterprise development group. Our corps of student volunteers has helped over 30 low-income entrepreneurs in New Brunswick come closer to making their dreams of financial self-sufficiency a reality.

Thanks to the generous support from a variety of donors, word of the Intersect Fund is spreading throughout the New Brunswick community. Our business development course is booked weeks in advance and our most promising clients are working toward creating successful, self-sustaining community businesses.


It is now time to plan for our next big steps: Expanding the services we offer in New Brunswick while fostering a network of student-run microfinance groups based in urban campuses throughout the region. We seek to raise $200,000 over the next eight months to accomplish these goals. This support will help us remain a source of valuable and innovative services to New Brunswick entrepreneurs while expanding the reach of microenterprise development throughout the nation.

Branching Out

Students at nearly a dozen colleges in the U.S. have started microenterprise development groups on their respective campuses. Like the Intersect Fund, these groups leverage the resources of universities — from borrowed office space to students’ technical savvy — to help low-income entrepreneurs. All of them do good work, but they face pervasive challenges. Raising funds, developing a working knowledge of a community, and training staff members are constant roadblocks to groups that could otherwise achieve success and scale.

We believe a formal, centralized network is the key to unlocking the potential of student-run microenterprise development. Through such an arrangement, students at various campuses could learn from one another, compare performance metrics, and receive standardized training in both adult education and business fundamentals.

Strengthening the relationship between these groups would carry tremendous benefits for both staff and clients, and the Intersect Fund is in the process of convening a summit of the highest performing student micro groups in an effort to forge a national network. We envision our national office becoming the nexus — appropriately located in the “Hub City” — of student-run social enterprise, coordinating the distribution of resources and providing necessary training and consulting services to student groups.

Strengthening Our Roots

Though we have hatched a formidable plan for expanding our influence, we are also beefing up our presence here in New Brunswick. We have embarked on a number of projects that will expand the suite of services we offer our clients while becoming a partner in their success.

In July of 2009, we began work on our first Entrepreneur Directory. This publication will feature two-dozen entrepreneurs in the New Brunswick area. It will detail not only the name and location of their businesses, but will illuminate the city’s small business landscape by offering insight into what motivates these entrepreneurs — where they came from, why they opened their businesses, and what motivates them to open up every morning. The Directory is a crucial step in connecting qualified entrepreneurs to the markets they seek to serve.

The needs of our clients grow as they expand their businesses, and we will continue to adapt by expanding our services. The Intersect Fund was conceived as an organization that would offer small loans to low-income entrepreneurs. We soon added business training to our roster of services to respond to a growing demand among the clients we served. As we began to serve more experienced business owners, we introduced one-on-one consulting services as well as assistance with graphic and web design. To increase the scope of our training while enhancing networking opportunities for our clients, we created business development centers, which function as mini-chambers of commerce. Entrepreneurs who have graduated from our training program gather for lessons from experts in fields such as accounting, insurance and tax law.


For clients who have completed our course and are ready to launch or grow their businesses, we offer small loans to cover the costs of expansion and working capital. Our one-one-one consulting and graphic design services help our entrepreneurs strategize and spread the word about their businesses.

Meeting the needs of the Market

To ensure the Intersect Fund remains a valuable resource to local entrepreneurs, we will continue to expand our services to meet our clients’ needs. We are exploring ways to help our clients acquire health insurance (which half of them lack at the moment). We also plan to develop a mobile system that will allow those of our clients who sell merchandise at a variety of locations to process credit card orders on the go.

We are also looking to increase our physical presence in the community.  In 2010, we plant to acquire a retail space in downtown New Brunswick that will provide low-income entrepreneurs a point of access to markets while providing an enhanced training experience for our clients.

Mission and Values - The Intersect Fund

Mission Statement

The intersect Fund is a Newark, N. J.- based nonprofit that invests in people who need help so they can build strong businesses and create jobs.

Our Founding Principles